Ms. Bodacious May and Why Your Mother is Bodacious.

The past month has been challenging to say the least for all of the TaTas. Challenging in a way that prompts your inner child to curl up on the couch and eat some of mom's famous soup (or her best Kraft mac & cheese) while her words and comforts magically dissolve your hurts least for the time she is there. Mom's have that superhero power to comfort and console, annoy and embarrass, and to call you when you have fifteen things in your arms including a kid with a dirty diaper trying to get out of the car in torrential downpours. The wonderful thing is that no matter how many of those calls she makes, or how much she nagged you, that superpower of "Mom" will always bring a comfort to your soul. This is Bodaciousness. This month we honor Shirley Mathis (Chris Elliott's mom), literally the "Mother TaTa" who we lost this week to breast cancer. Our prayers and thoughts are with Chris and his family. RIP Shirley, you are BODACIOUS.
The Bodacious TaTas encourage all of you to show your mother how Bodacious she really is. She earned it. The TaTas also send our support to those who have lost their moms and those who are just becoming moms. WE LOVE YOU MOM!