TaTas Drink of the Week #2

So, the TaTas do actually have a drink of the week every week, we just don't always stop drinking it long enough to share with the internet. Many times our fans drink it all. This week we have a shot left for you guys from our Bodacious Glazener child who we're sure you will be seeing on stage in the near future. Happy times!

He just drinks the flaming Jaegermeister with the cherry.

Bodacious Flaming Cherry Dr. Pepper!
Glass cherry coke (cold)
3/4 shot Jaegermeister
1/4 shot Bacardi 151 or a splash grain alcohol
1 cherry with stem
Fire source

1. Make the shot
2. Light it on fire
3. Drop the shot glass into the Cherry Coke
4. Drop in the cherry and chug
5. Tie the cherry stem in a knot with your tongue (you cannot skip this part)
Now you're Bodacious!